TD-1800-I4 INTERNAL Tyre Pressure & Vibration Monitoring System

Model: TD-1800F-I04

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Tyre Pressure, Temperature & Vibration Monitoring System

The TD-1800 TPVMS INTERNAL Tire pressure vibration monitoring system is the world's first and only TPMS patented in multiple countries that can detect tyre and rim abnormalities. Through complex mathematical calculations the system can detect abnormal tyre vibration.

The benefits of measuring vibration is that the Tyredog system can now detect the following issues that are not caused by temperature or pressure irregularities including:

  • Tyre Cracks & Deformation 
  • Rim Deformation 
  • Faulty Tyres
  • Wheels that require an alignment 

Recommended Use: Car, Vans, 4WD, 4x4 Only (Monitor up to 80 PSI) - This cannot be used on a Trailer, Caravan or Towing Application.

Key Features

  • Internal Type Sensors. Adjustable Mounting Angle.
  • Small & Compact Colour LCD Display. Powered by 12V Cig. Plug.
  • Low Sensor Battery Indicator.
  • Audible / Visual Alerts when tyre pressure drops below / raises above user set level.
  • Vibration Alert for Tyre Abnormality. 
  • Measure Pressure in PSI, KPA, BAR or KgCM.
  • Measure Temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • Monitor between 0 and 80 PSI

What’s Included?

  • 1 x Colour LCD Monitor 
  • 1 x 12V Cig Plug for Monitor
  • 4 x TD1800 Internally Mounted Sensors
  • 1 x LCD Mounting Bracket / Suction Cup Mount
  • Owner’s Manual


The TYREDOG™ TD-1800 Internal Tyre Pressure and Temperature Monitor is required to be fitted by a professional Tyre fitter. Fitting costs will vary and we recommend that you find out how much your local Tyre shop charges before purchasing this product.

The User Friendly Graphic Interface (LCD monitor) allows the user to monitor and understand the status of their tyres thus ensuring they are always well maintained.

The Design
• All sensors contain a long life battery life 
• Learnable sensors are available so in the event of theft or damage, sensors can be quickly and easily replaced.
• Sensors have unique individual codes to ensure there is no interference from other 433MHz devices, even other TYREDOG™ systems.
• All TYREDOG™ kits undergo strict field testing to ensure quality.

How it works
The Wireless Sensors are fitted inside the tyre by a professional tyre fitter. Once the Sensors are fitted and the monitor/receiver is plugged into a 12V DC Outlet (Cigarette Lighter socket). Within a couple of minutes or once the wheels rotate, the latest Pressure and Temperature information will be updated on the monitor/receiver.

The sensors are constantly monitoring and reading your tyre pressure and temperature and as soon as there is a 1 PSI change in pressure and/or every 1 minute, the sensors will transmit the latest pressure and temperature reading to your monitor.

If the tyre pressure falls or rises above the user pre-set levels, the unit will beep to alert the driver. There is also a visual indication on the Monitor / Receiver unit. Low, High Pressure and High Temperature threshold settings can be adjusted per axle by the user.

Versatile Mounting

Mount the TYREDOG™ how you want it. The super strong suction cap can be mounted on your windscreen. Utilising the ball join the TYREDOG™ screen can be perfectly positioned to your liking.


*Specifications subject to change without notice.

Sensor Specifications

Frequency 433.92 Mhz
Pressure Range 0-60 PSI (Reads Accurately up to 80PSI)

Pressure: ± 1 PSI - Temperature: ± 3 Deg °C

Operating Temperature -40 to 125 Deg °C
Operating Humidity 100%
Battery Life Approx. 5 Years
Dimensions 27.6mm(W) x 60.4mm(L) x 11.7mm(H)
Adjustable Valve Angle 18° ~ 43°
Weight 36.9g (±1) 


Monitor / Receiver Specifications

Frequency 433.92 Mhz
Operating Voltage 12V DC (via supplied cig. plug cable) 
Battery Life n/a - Monitor needs to be powered by 12V cig plug. Supports batteries for checking and programming purposes only.
Operating Temperature -20 to 70 Deg °C
Dimensions 70mm(W) x 54.8mm(H) x 24mm(D) 
LCD Screen Size 35mm(W) x 28mm(H)
Weight 74 g



Warranty 2 Years



TD-1800F Owner's Manual
Programming Replacement Sensors