Sensor to suit TDA-4C / TD-1000A-X / TD-1300A-X / TD1400A-X / TD-1460A-X (433MHZ)

Model: TD-SN1000A-FL

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Replacement External type learnable sensor to suit TYREDOG™ Tyre Pressure Monitoring System models TDA-4C, TD-1000A-X, TD-1300A-X, TD-1400A-X, TD-1460A-X. (Pressure Range: 0 to 60 PSI (80PSI Max) - Frequency 433Mhz)

Important Note: There are 2 types of sensors available. ASK Type sensor which contains a White label and a FSK Type sensor which contains a Brown or Yellow label.

Please remove the battery from one of your sensors and check your original sensor label colour and order the correct sensor Type and wheel position to suit your kit. If you order the incorrect sensor Type the sensor will not program in.

Includes 1 x CR1632 3V Battery and a Secure Fit fixing ring.

Please ensure you order the correct Wheel Position.
The Spare Wheel Sensor (5) will only work with TD-1300A-X and TD-1400A-X units. (It cannot be used on the TDA-4C and TD-1000A-X units)

Sensor 1 = Front Left

Sensor 2 = Front Right

Sensor 3 = Rear Left

Sensor 4 = Rear Right

Sensor 5 = Spare Wheel (Selected TD-1300A /TD1400 models only)




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