Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems

TYREDOG™ TPMS has a complete range of Wireless Tyre Pressure and Temperature monitoring systems ranging from 2 to 36 wheels to suit many types of applications.

A TYREDOG™ TPMS kit for your vehicle is a must have tyre accessory for any off-roading or motoring enthusiasts.

When equipped, our TPMS sensors help keep you alert to any tyre abnormalities immediately. This allows you to address the issue instantly and save the vehicle, yourself as the driver, passengers and children from serious and irreparable damage.

The TYREDOG™ tyre pressure and temperature monitoring systems are the most highly regarded offroad and onroad pieces of equipment that can save you from a trip-ruining experience. When installed, you have complete confidence in your tyres knowing that you're being guarded by a TYREDOG™. 

When you purchase a tyre pressure monitoring system from TyreDog, you have Australian support, Australian Service and Australian Warranty. Need a hand finding the right monitoring system? Contact us today.

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The value of maintaining optimal tyre pressure

As motoring enthusiasts ourselves we understand the importance of maintaining correct tyre pressures and building a robust TPMS product that works time after time.

Benefits a TPMS kit provides for your vehicle

  • Under inflated tyres wear faster than correctly inflated tyres, reducing tyre replacement times.
  • Under inflated tyres reduce effective handling of the vehicle, increasing the brake distance and increasing the chance of blowouts.
  • Installing a monitoring system on your tyres to ensure they are properly inflated improves your vehicle's fuel efficiency, saving you money on running costs.


Are the Tyre Pressure Sensors Water and Dust Proof?

Yes, the TYREDOG™ wireless Sensors have been designed to be externally completely sealed. This means they are Water, Dust and Mud Proof and river crossings will not be a problem. Just be sure they are rinsed off after entering any salt water. Each Sensor has a rubber Seal which prevents water, condensation, dirt, dust and mud from damaging the device.

What should the Low Pressure, High Pressure & High Temperature alarms be set to?

Alarm Thresholds can be set for each axle meaning you can set different values for the front and rear tyres if required. Please refer to our Pressure Table on our FAQ page for some recommended settings which can be used as a guide for setting your thresholds.

How do I know if the batteries are going flat?

The TYREDOG™ wireless Tyre Pressure and Monitoring system monitor / receiver will show a battery Icon for both the Monitor and the individual Sensor when it's time to replace the battery. Once the icon appears, we suggest that you replace the appropriate battery within a few days. This will ensure your tyres are always protected.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

Most orders placed by 10.00am are generally shipped out the same business day. How long delivery takes depends on the shipping location within Australia. Once your order has been packed you will receive confirmation and a tracking number to track delivery. All items are sent by Registered courier or Post. Learn more about our shipping policy.

Can I replace a lost or damaged Sensor?

Yes you can order and program replacement LEARNABLE sensors for the complete range of TYREDOG™ products. When ordering replacement Sensors, you must ensure you order the correct Sensor to suit your model, sensor type and the correct Wheel Position must be ordered. Sensor type is determined by removing the battery cover and battery then checking the colour of the label underneath where the battery is normally positioned. Go to Spare Parts to find the complete range of available replacement Sensors.