Oz Sensor X Fleet Tyre Pressure Monitoring System


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Introducing Oz Sensor 'X' by Zylux, a fully customisable External Tyre Pressure & Temperature Monitoring System for Fleets of Trucks, Buses and more! Ensuring the safety and timeliness of your trips is our top priority. With our TPMS for fleets, you can experience enhanced safety as it prevents dangerous blow-outs, improves braking distance, and enhances vehicle handling.

By implementing our groundbreaking TPMS system, you can also significantly reduce operating costs. Avoid costly downtime, save fuel, and extend the lifespan of your tyres. Not only will this benefit your business financially, but it will also contribute to reducing your company's carbon footprint.

Oz Sensor How it works?

Imagine cruising the highway with a full load, confident that every tyre on your fleet is operating at its optimal pressure and temperature. No more worries about roadside breakdowns, sudden blowouts, or uneven wear. Such peace is precisely what the Oz Sensor X by Zylux delivers. This revolutionary fleet tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of commercial trucks and buses.

Safety is paramount in the fleet management industry. Blowouts are a constant concern, posing a threat to drivers, causing delays, and damaging equipment. The Oz Sensor X proactively addresses this issue by providing real-time monitoring of both tyre pressure and temperature. This allows for the early detection of slow leaks and pressure imbalances before they escalate into dangerous situations.

Our cutting-edge auto-learn sensor technology and flow through design ensures a hassle-free installation process. Simply screw on the location specific sensor and the system will automatically learn the sensor without the need for any special programming tools or procedures. With our OEM designed external sensor, a quick and easy installation can be completed in as little as one minute per wheel - no need to dismount the tyres.

Oz Sensor Flow Through Tyre Pressure and Temperature Sensors

The flow-through design sensor allows for easy inflation without dismounting the sensor, providing added convenience. It transmits both pressure and temperature readings, with a remarkable capacity of up to 180 PSI @ 433MHz. The battery life exceeds 5 years. Plus, the sensor's alert mode effectively detects leakages, ensuring prompt attention to potential issues. Rest assured, our automotive qualified sensor boasts a robust brass body and stem for durability. The tyre temperature sensing can also help pick up any hub related temperature issues.

Accessing Fleet TPMS Data

So, how can you access and utilise the data collected by our TPMS system? It's simple. Our intelligent transceiver which is mounted to each Truck and Trailer can integrate with any existing telematics system, transmitting the data directly to an in-cab monitor or any smartphone or tablet. Additionally, it can provide drop and hook automatic trailer detection and connection functionality, ensuring comprehensive coverage and tracking for all your assets.

Z-Box Transceiver Module

The Z-Box transceiver module supports various communication technologies, including CAN*, RS232, RS485, and BLE 2.4GHz comms for telematics integration. With an automotive qualified and IP69-rated construction, it can withstand harsh conditions and a wide temperature range from -40°C(-40°F) to 85°C (185°F). You can configure and customise the system seamlessly through a smartphone or tablet, making it incredibly customisable. You can also assign an Asset ID/Name to every Transceiver to keep on track of your asset management.

In Cab Monitor

Oz Sensor ‘X’ optional in cab monitor can alert the driver to a Low Pressure, High Pressure or High Temperature issue with a tyre.

Workshop Installer & Display Application

The Oz Sensor feature packed IOS/Android application can be used for configuring units, programming sensors and features or for reading / displaying the TPMS data from any vehicle / asset within range.

Service & Installation

The effectiveness of the Tyre Pressure Monitoring system is directly dependent on the quality of the installation and service. To ensure convenient installation and maintenance, Zylux has created a tool and service kit specifically for the Oz-Sensor 'X' system. This comprehensive kit includes tools for seamless sensor fitting or replacement, as well as O-ring replacement if necessary.

Oz Sensor Tool Kit

Convenience for Fleet Managers

The Oz Sensor X goes beyond the essential functionalities of a TPMS, offering a range of additional advantages that enhance its value proposition for fleet managers. Here's what our customers love about this product.

Flow thru TPMS Design Revolution

Forget the hassle of dismounting tyres for inflation. The Oz Sensor X features revolutionary flow through valves that are designed for inflation without removing the sensor. Simply screw on the sensor and get back on the road quickly.


Tailor the fleet tyre system to your specific requirements. The Oz Sensor X allows you to assign unique Asset IDs or names to each transceiver. This simplifies asset management for large and complex fleets, ensuring you can easily track and monitor individual tyres across your operation.

Tyre Pressure and Temperature Monitoring for Bus or Truck Fleets

The Oz Sensor X boasts an industry-leading capacity, allowing you to monitor pressure and temperature for your entire fleet.

Monitor up to 158 Wheels. Truck and 6 Trailers

Key Features

  • Australian Designed & Patent Pending.
  • Unique Flow through design sensor, no dismounting to inflate tyres.
  • Monitors Tyre Pressure & Temperature.
  • Monitor up to 158 Wheels.
  • Supports Trucks and up to 6 Trailers.
  • Automatic Trailer detection, connection and ordering.
  • Automatic replacement sensor learning.
  • Supports multiple communication protocols for Telematics / Cloud integration.
  • Ability to integrate Third Party Sensors devices.
  • Fully updatable firmware (Future Proof Technology).
  • Customisable to suit any application.

Oz Sensor TPMS Monitor Display

Z-Box Transceiver Module

Fleet TPMS Advanced Product Details

Durable Metal Valve Stems

Built to be a long lasting product that withstands the rigours of everyday use on fleet trucks and trailers, the metal valve stems offer superior durability and reliability.

Multiple Trailer Axle Support

The Oz Sensor X effectively monitors fleets with multiple trailer axles, ensuring comprehensive coverage for even the most extensive operations. This eliminates blind spots and provides a complete picture of your fleet's tyre health, regardless of trailer configuration.

Real Fleet TPMS System

Unlike cap sensors or valve extenders, the Oz Sensor X is a genuine TPMS system with internal sensors. This translates to more accurate and reliable data compared to less sophisticated monitoring solutions. Cap sensors and valve extenders can be prone to damage or signal interference, compromising their effectiveness.

Double Tap for Sensor Replacement

Sensor replacement with the Oz Sensor X is a breeze. The system utilises a simple double-tap process to automatically learn and integrate new sensors, eliminating the need for complex programming procedures. This saves time and ensures a smooth transition when replacing worn-out sensors, keeping your fleet operational with minimal disruption.

All Tyre Monitoring

The Oz Sensor X doesn't discriminate. It effectively monitors both right and left side tyres, as well as a spare tyre, providing a complete picture of your fleet's tyre health. This ensures that no tyre is left unchecked, preventing potential issues on either side of the vehicle and promoting balanced wear.

Mounting Hardware Included

The Oz Sensor X comes with all the necessary mounting hardware for a quick and hassle-free installation. This eliminates the need for sourcing additional components and ensures a complete solution out of the box. You can get your fleet up and running with real-time tyre monitoring immediately.

Sensor Hit Protection

The Oz Sensor X is built to last. Its robust design incorporates sensor hit protection to minimise damage in case of accidental contact with curbs or other obstacles. This ensures the continued operation and reliability of the system, even in challenging driving conditions.

Timely Pressure Warnings

The Oz Sensor X features user-configurable pressure and temperature alert thresholds. This allows you to set specific parameters based on your fleet's needs and receive timely notifications when readings fall outside the designated range. This proactive approach empowers you to address potential issues before they escalate into major problems, minimising downtime and ensuring driver safety.

Fleet TPMS for Existing Infrastructure

The Oz Sensor X integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, offering exceptional flexibility.

Multiple Communication Protocols

Supports CAN, RS232, RS485, and BLE 2.4GHz for seamless telematics and cloud integration. This allows for data transmission to existing fleet management systems.

Oz Sensor X for Fleets

Investing in the Oz Sensor X is an investment in the safety, efficiency, and profitability of your fleet. Here's a glimpse into the positive impact it can have on your business:

  • Reduced Environmental Footprint: Proper tyre pressure reduces fuel consumption, leading to lower CO2 emissions. By promoting fuel efficiency, the Oz Sensor X contributes to a more sustainable fleet operation, minimizing your environmental impact.

  • Service & Tech Support: Our Service and Development department prides itself on fast and efficient service, provided by an expert service team of qualified technicians and support staff. We pride ourselves on representing quality products and only stock those that we have the upmost confident in.


Investing in the Oz Sensor X is an investment in peace of mind. Contact TyreDog today to learn more about how this innovative TPMS system can revolutionise your fleet management and empower you to navigate the road with complete confidence.