Truck & Trailer

Managing a fleet can be a challenging task that requires a proactive mindset. That’s why we’ve designed our solution to monitor both tyre pressure and tyre temperature in real-time. Not only so you can avoid potentially dangerous accidents caused by a blow out, but also stay ahead of regular tire maintenance by detecting leaks and reduce running costs.

The TYREDOG™ system also allows you to hook-up any truck with any trailer as the system automatically pairs and reads all wheel positions and updates the system in real-time. Now you can drop and hook more efficiently to save you time and money, all while managing your fleet.

Reduce downtime, and improve productivity and driver safety within your fleet.


The externally-mounted sensor monitors both your tyre’s temperature and pressure. The benefits of externally mounted sensors are that the tyre does not need to be removed from the truck or trailer when installing the tyre pressure monitoring system or performing battery replacements. Other internally mounted systems can become very costly when hundreds of tyres need to be removed every few years to replace the sensor's batteries.


The TYREDOG™ relay receives data wirelessly from the sensors and then transmits directly to the LCD display in the driver's cabin. 

The relay also saves crucial information such as the wheel layout of the specific truck / trailer. 


The TYREDOG™ monitor the displays real-time tyre pressures and temperatures. View up to 22 wheels on the screen at one time.